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HINSON Clutch Basket Aluminum Honda

hinson - HINSON Clutch Basket Aluminum Honda

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Hinson clutch components are developed and manufactured in the United States and work to improve the performance of your clutch. They offer a better riding feel as well as better resistance during intensive use.


  • Clutch gasket
  • More resistant than the first set-up
  • Delivered as a single unit
  • Designed for competition preparation
  • Hinson components set a benchmark in terms of clutches, which is why numerous engines are equipped with them in the MX, SX and Enduro fields.
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Marca Hinson Clutch Components a general contractor by trade, Wayne had an extreme passion for motorsports, and spent most of his adult life pursuing that passion in the form of drag racing, powerboating, and of course, off-road motorcycling and ATVing. After a hiatus from his initial love affair with motorsports in the early 70s, Wayne reacquainted himself with motorcycles in the early 80s. By that time, he had two young sons who shared the same passion, so they spent a great deal of time as a family riding their motorcycles and ATCs. As the years went by and three-wheeled ATCs transformed into Quads, the Hinson family’s involvement with the sport grew; from simple day trips, to weekend trips, to eventually racing Quads by the late 80s.
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