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Boondock Extreme BX Skis

  • Skis come out of the mold flat, then tips are bent into place, causing a natural outward pressure
  • Preloaded tips absorb much of a bump’s load before it reaches the sled
  • While other plastic skis use rigid, bolted-on metal mounting saddles, the patented C A all-plastic saddle is molded into the ski, allowing the mostflex and reverse flex around
  • Simple 90° angles on a square keel and flat-bottom design floats on the snow instead of relying on engineered-in lift the way other skis do
  • Exclusive ball and cup ski tip loop assembly reduces rigidity and increases tip flexibility
  • Mounting kit must be purchased separately
  • Wearbars/ runners not included; see RUNNERS section for C A applications
  • Countless hours of RD and on-location to perfect a ski for today's lightweight mountain snowmobiles
  • The BX has a progressively curved rocker on the bottom of the ski, on both sides of the keel, to allow riders a smooth transition when navigating through trees
  • The integrated snow traction grooves on either side of the center keel aid the ski in maintaining grip on the snow at even the most severe angles
  • The tail of the BX tapers to a slimmer profile to help initiate a transition into a side-hill for effortless navigation
  • Ski also features a larger than normal kicked up tail to allow riders to use reverse in situations they never have been able to before
  • Lastly, unlike any other aftermarket ski out there, the BX offers very desirable boot traction features on the top to help riders in deep snow boarding situations
  • Although the BX is a new mountain ski, it is not a replacement for the MTX; it is simply an addition to the line-up
  • The MTX ski works exceptionally well on today’s heavier 4-stroke sleds and on mountain trails
  • This new BX ski works phenomenally on all the lighter weight 2-stroke mountain sleds
  • Sold in pairs

  • Marque Situé au cœur du Minnesota aux Etats-Unis, C&A Pro fabrique des skis de motoneige de renommée mondiale depuis près de trois décennies. Les légendaires skis de la marque ont notamment permis à de nombreux coureurs de réaliser des records et de gagner des championnats professionnels.
    Parts infos Couleur/Finition: Rouge
    Longueur: 1070,00 mm (42,00")
    MATERIAL: Polyethylene (UHMW)
    Modèle: BX
    Largeur: 184,00 mm (7,25")
    Unités: Paire
    Nom de produit: Ski
    Référence fabricant 77050399
    Conditionnement Pair
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