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TRACK CAMSO 16X146-2.50

camso - TRACK CAMSO 16X146-2.50

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Mountain Tracks

  • Allow you to unleash the potential of your sled and take the most challenging rides
  • Camoplast mountain tracks provide the performance to set the highest highmark, the acceleration to nail the perfect cornice jump and the traction to put you over the top
  • Camoplast offers a wide range of sizes (121" to 174"), three different track profiles with 2" to 2.50" lug heights in standard 2.5" drive pitch and now 3" drive pitch to suit any type of riding and rider
  • When installing track with taller lug, check clearance between bulkhead and tunnel.

  • Parts infos Longueur: 371 cm (146")
    Modèle: Challenger Extreme
    Plis: 1 pli
    Poids: 25,4 kg (56 lb)
    Largeur: 406 mm (16")
    Application: Poudreuse
    Pas de chenille: 73 mm (2,86")
    Hauteur du crampon: 63,50 mm (2,500")
    Type: Mountain
    Unités: Pièce
    Nom de produit: Chenille
    Configuration de l'agrafe: Agrafes à tous les pas
    Référence fabricant 9144M
    Conditionnement Each
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