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Joints torique supérieur de cache tiges de culbuteur - Harley-Davidson Sportster & Buell à partir de 1991

james gasket - Joints torique supérieur de cache tiges de culbuteur - Harley-Davidson Sportster & Buell à partir de 1991

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Replacement O-Rings

  • Get the top quality of Genuine James, delivered with the great service of Drag Specialties
  • Genuine James gaskets, seals and o-rings for transmissions are made to last
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Rubber-Covered Metal (RCM) — The James Gaskets Rubber-Covered Metal line of gaskets are made from a solid steel sheet coated on two sides with a high-temperature elastomer. Strategically placed elastomer beading helps insure a positive seal while our clear silicone conformal coating fills in minor imperfections in the flanges and provides for easy release upon removal. They have excellent torque retention properties and will not extrude under high torque load.
  • Foamet® Expanded Rubber Gaskets — Our Foamet® product line features an aluminum core coated on two sides with expanded nitrile rubber then coated with a silicone release coating to insure a positive seal with excellent release characteristic upon disassembly. Available in beaded and non-beaded construction depending on the application.
  • Micropore® Paper Gaskets — The James Gasket flexible paper gasket product line utilizes the latest in gasket paper technology called MicroPore®. These gaskets exhibit exceptional fluid resistance and sealability in a wide range of applications and flange conditions. With a reduced pore size, this material is very resistant to wicking or fluid migration through the material and capable of handling operating temperatures in excess of 500 degrees.
  • Expanded Metal Core Head Gaskets — Our expanded metal core head gaskets are made from top quality graphite-coated high-temperature fiber material chemically and mechanically fused to an expanded metal core. They provide excellent sealing performance, load retention and structural strength, and provide a clean release upon removal. The stainless steel armor protects the cylinder bore from the hot combustion gasses and provides a positive seal at the combustion chamber.

  • Parts infos MATERIAL: Viton
    Application: Cache tiges de culbuteur| Culasses
    Type: Huile
    Unités: Lot de 25
    Nom de produit: Joint torique
    Référence fabricant 11190
    Référence OEM 11190
    Conditionnement 25 Pack
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