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2004 to present (N3 grind)

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andrews - 2004 to present (N3 grind)

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Andrews has a number of performance cam designs for Evolution Sportster engines. All the cams listed will run to 6500 RPM with stock hydraulic lifters. Since the stock lifters are such proven units, we continue to recommend that they not be changed to solids. Andrews Evolution Sportster cams have stock base circle sizes so stock (non-adjustable) pushrods can be used (except for V9 or BV cams). Adjustable aluminum or chrome-moly steel pushrods are also available as shown (fixed length for 1991). The no. 2 (36 teeth) cam drive gear used in 2000 to present models is not the same as in 1991 thru 1999 models. For this reason separate part numbers are listed for 2000 to present models.

1991 Sportster engines are considerably different than earlier Evolution Sportsters. Cam gears for earlier Evolution Sportsters will not fit 1991 thru 1999 engines. Year 2000 and later models use a different no. 2 cam drive gear as 1991 thru 1999 models. For these reasons different part numbers are listed.2004 and later models have different valve stem diameter and valve springs, installation of cams with more than .515" lift may need different valves, springs and collars.

Marque Depuis 1972, Andrews Products fournit des solutions techniques pour la conception et la fabrication d'arbres à cames, de poussoirs, d'engrenages de transmission et de pièces connexes pour les produits Harley-Davidson, offrant qualité et fiabilité redoutable avec des pièces fabriquées à 100 % aux États-Unis.
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