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Red Shift Twin Cam 525 bolt-in camshafts

zipper performance products - Red Shift Twin Cam 525 bolt-in camshafts

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Bolt-in cams for 96CI, 103CI and 110CI Twin Cam engines with stock, unmodified heads. Perfect for 2007-2016 Touring models, windscreen equipped or usually 2-up ridden 2007-2017 Softails and 2006-2017 Dyna's. These cams were developed to deliver immediate passing power in 6th gear at any typical cruising speed. They deliver an impressive gain in HP, with a huge increase of torque at lower engine speed, right where you accelerate around town and cruising on the highway. Red Shift 525 and 527 cams provide immediate throttle response and acceleration at or below 2,000 RPM without detonation. This means your Harley moves cleanly from 50 MPH (80 km/h) and up, in 6th gear, without downshifting. Red Shift 525 cams are for 96CI models with or without Big Bore kits thru 103CI installed, Red Shift 527 cams are for 103CI models with or without Big Bore kits thru 110CI installed. Both the 525 and 527 cams can be used with stock or adjustable pushrods.

Marque Fondée en 1981, Zipper est un fabricant de pièces de rechange pour motos de la marque Harley-Davidson. La société propose toute une gamme de filtres à air, d'injecteurs et autres pièces détachées destinées à l'amélioration des performances de votre deux-roue.
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