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TRACK CAMSO 15X136-1.25

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camso - TRACK CAMSO 15X136-1.25

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High-Performance Trail Tracks

  • For aggressive trail riders, there's nothing better than running flat out against the redline down a sinuous trail; high-performance trail tracks allow you to make the most of the experience
  • Offer superb penetration for sustained traction, optimal profile for excellent handling and unrivaled braking capabilities
  • Sizes are offered to fit nearly all current makes and models
  • Choose from six profiles, including the groundbreaking Rip Saw track, and lug heights ranging from 1" to 1.352"
  • Incorporates 144 holes on a 121" track and 162 holes on a 136" track in the center belting for traction studs
  • Track integrity is enhanced to alleviate any possibility of elongation issues
  • Lightweight clip design helps dissipate heat off the clips, increasing Hi-Fax performance and life
  • Holes are processed using a machine, providing consistent hole diameters and locations while improving safety and longevity
  • Studding instructions included

  • Parts infos Longueur: 345 cm (136)"
    Modèle: Ripsaw
    Poids: 19.5 kg (43 lb)
    Largeur: 381 mm (15)"
    Application: Trail
    Pas de chenille: 64 mm (2,52)"
    Hauteur du crampon: 31,75 mm (1,250)"
    Type: Haute performance
    Unités: Pièce
    Nom de produit: Chenille
    Configuration de l’agrafe: Agrafes à tous les pas
    Référence fabricant 9969H
    Conditionnement Each
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